I’m trying something a little different on this blog. Instead of writing long-form posts, I’m putting the content into short videos which you can watch in around 10 minutes. It doesn’t mean that I won’t ever write posts again, but for now, I feel that it could be helpful to change things up a bit. Let me know what you think.

Today’s post is about creative complaining. As we navigate this painful and turbulent time of the pandemic, many of us may feel the need to complain more than normal. And we may also feel guilty about complaining. But what if we embraced complaining as a spiritual practice? What if we learned to complain creatively, and allow our complaints to lead us to creative action?

This video explores how we can use complaining creatively to move us into new and healthier ways of being. As always, leave your responses, thoughts, and ideas in the comments. And please share this post with anyone who may need to do some creative complaining right now.

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