After a year of COVID-19 lockdowns almost the entire human population finds itself longing for the pandemic to be over. The desperation to go out into the world without physical distancing, sanitising, and masks is almost palpable no matter where we may go. It’s like we are all asking ourselves a question we hardly even considered before: Is there life after death? For some this question relates to the shattering reality of the physical death of a loved one. For others, it relates to the ‘little deaths’ of loss of work, loss of income, loss of privacy, loss of safety, or loss of a relationship.

The season of Easter speaks deeply and comfortingly into this climate of fear, depression, and hopelessness. And a significant part of the message of Easter is the call to live. Not to go back to what the mindless existence we called living before the pandemic. But rather to real living—the abundant, vibrant, adventurous, creative living, that leaves us breathless with wonder and joy. And as we learn to dive more deeply into this life, so we inevitably find things changing in our personal lives and in our homes, neighbourhoods, and world.

Easter is a fifty-day journey that explores the meaning and implications of the resurrection of Christ. The point of the season is not to rehash an ancient miracle story. It is to open us to experience the fullness of life that Jesus preached about. Easter is not primarily Jesus’ story. It is our story and the story of our universe. It is not a once-off event, but a cosmic reality that plays out every moment.

LIVE FOR A CHANGE is a spiritual practice guide that is designed to lead you into a deep experience of resurrection. It examines eight encounters that various people had with the Risen Christ and draws us into the experience so that we can touch the life that the Biblical characters found.

My hope is that LIVE FOR A CHANGE will help Easter to become a meaningful and moving spiritual experience for you. The resurrection life that the Easter story reveals is available to us all right here and now. My prayer is that LIVE FOR A CHANGE will help you to experience the reality of resurrection a little more in your own life.