The season of Lent is designed to be a journey of transformation. As Jesus entered the wilderness for a time of soul-searching, testing, and preparation for ministry, so we enter a metaphorical wilderness to learn to live according to his values and priorities. Prayer was a significant feature of Jesus’ life, and so we assume that he spent much of his retreat in prayer. And that’s why it is appropriate to use this season to explore in greater depth the prayer that Jesus taught soon after he had come out of the wilderness.

But in this time of global pandemic, we have learned that prayer needs to change. And in this Lenten Series, MORE THAN WORDS, we will be challenged not just to say more prayers or say better prayers, but to live what we pray. Done well, this journey can transform prayer from something we say to something we become. In each chapter, we explore one line of the Lord’s Prayer, seek to understand its meaning, and then learn to put our prayer into practice in our daily lives. My hope is that this will not only transform our prayer lives but that it will transform us to be people who embody the Reign of God that Jesus proclaimed.

I hope that MORE THAN WORDS will be a meaningful journey for you. And that it will lead you into a deeper experience of prayer. In this time in history, we desperately need a transformation in our understanding and practice of prayer, and this resource is offered as one small step toward that revolution. As you move through the Lord’s Prayer each week, I hope that MORE THAN WORDS will empower you to learn to live what you pray. Because that one shift can make a huge difference to your life.